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About Me


A self-driven and passionate human with excellent organizational interpersonal and leadership skills. A young entrepreneur who is working towards providing infotainment to school-going children.

It all started back in 2018 when I politely questioned my teacher when she said memorization is going to help you in the long run, at least if you pursue theory subjects. Introvert me just couldn't process this line. Her reply to my counter-question was until and unless you aren’t In power, nothing can be changed about the way of teaching, this has been going on for years and this is the harsh truth. I always believed in mastering concepts and as a visual learner, had a very hard time grasping what was taught in class. I believe every student has a different way of learning. Some are auditory or visual while some are kinesthetic learners. The education system needs to be flexible and open to all. Time flew by and In August 2021, I founded Toonication, an online platform that was developed completely by students for all types of students! Our Main Aim is to build the Perfect Educational Platform (PEP) where students Learn, Connect with other like-minded individuals & Prepare Stem concepts.

All these years since 2018, I researched a lot about the various problems faced by students, and being in the same position as of students  gave me that power to understand it better and act accordingly .I realized the importance of Quality Education and executed my idea. I believe with technology, we’re entering a new era of education, one where students are learning from the comfort of their homes where they are also exposed to the different ways of learning (Gamification, Animations, Snippets) , etc. rather than only being limited to textbooks. Education has always been about exploration and expansion of our knowledge and now with tech, it can also be made Interesting, Accessible, Affordable. Toonication mainly focuses on the 4th sustainable development goal; quality education. It entails equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities.



During the Fellowship-

  •  Used the power of visual storytelling and created posts/poems/art on social issues like bullying, mental wellbeing, gender equality etc.

  • Helped my group get 40K+ impressions in a period of 1 month .

  • Collaborated with other groups of same as well as different cohort.

  • Received highest rating from my peer's during peer evaluation rounds.

Utkarsh Priyadarshi (2)-1.jpg

During Internship I did the following-

  • Created Interface with a stock price data feed

  • Used JPMorgan Chase frameworks and tools

  • Displayed data visually for traders



CYES was started to connect brilliant, entrepreneurial high
school and college students to elite institutions to democratize opportunities for growth.

We have the opportunity to:

● network and foster long-term relationships with like-minded peers globally.
● learn from a wide range of speakers, including current Harvard students, alumni of top universities, successful entrepreneurs (including Forbes 30 Under 30), professors, and more.
● get connected with the latest opportunities on college campuses, and pursue research positions through partnering organizations;

CSF'21 Appreciation-certificate-Utkarsh-1.jpg

During the tenure, I did the following:

  • Contacting potential leads over phone calls.

  • Planning and approaching different individuals &          improving sales.

  • Increasing the value of current customers while attracting new ones.

  • Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events.


33CKX5eTKH3dXer7X_Clifford Chance_7cuREcG5nEBhDbzNC_completion_certificate-1.jpg

With the help of Google ML Engine, I created the following-

  • Chatbot for Online Food Ordering

  • Chat-bot for emulating Lab Coordinator at Diagnostics center.

R5iK7HMxJGBgaSbvk_J.P. Morgan_7cuREcG5nEBhDbzNC_1657277598361_completion_certificate-1.jpg

During the tenure,I did the following-

  • Attended Masterclasses on insightful topics including time management, fundraising, child rights awareness, research, and communication

  • Did Awareness campaigns and diverse learning tasks based on reflection, research, and creativity

  •  Contact Individuals for funds & collaborate with my team over projects.

Certificate of Completion for Utkarsh Priyadarshi (2)-1 (1).jpg

Participated In Young warrior program, Unicef :-

conducted analysis on people's mental health during covid 19.

Oorganised Zoom meetings to boost people's spirits,invited singers,influencers,poets .

During Internship I did the following-

  • Finished tasks regarding Practical guidance on an ICO Dawn Raid

  • Assessing the legal situation after a data leak and taking the necessary steps

  • Responding to a data-related damages claim.

  • The Civics Unplugged Fellowship is a 3-month civic leadership program that empowers Gen Z leaders to build a brighter future for humanity.

  • Civics Unplugged is supported by partners like Senator Cory Booker, Kathy Roth-Douquet, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Eric Schmidt, The Rhodes Trust, The Smithsonian, and National Geographic.



All India Radio

Invited For an Interview on All India Radio for my startup Toonication where we’re building the Perfect Educational Platform (PEP) where students Learn, Connect with other like-minded individuals & Prepare Stem concepts with the help of E-Comics, Mind Maps & Animation videos.


Indian Agricultural Research Institute,Pusa,Delhi

Awarded by Indian Agricultural Research Institute,Pusa,Delhi - Created Animation Videos on the topic of Organic Farming to help farmers get adequate knowledge about best crops to grow as well as about organic fertilizers.

download (1).png

 Harvard Youth Lead the Change Conference

Got Admitted to One of the most prestigious conference with a selection rate of only 10%

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